Port Stephens

You could almost run out of descriptors trying to describe the beauty of Port Stephens. A glistening green wilderness surrounded by azure blue water. But no photo booths! Until now! Newybooth is bringing it's photo booths, #hashtag printers and photographers to 'the bay.'

Port Stephens Photo booth

There are so many awesome events that take place every year in Port Stephens that you’ll want to make sure yours stays fresh in the minds of your guests. For special events, functions, wedding and festivals in Port Stephens, our photo booth is sure to impress.

#Hashtag Printer Port Stephens

Have your guests snap their photos, tag them with your unique #hashtag and our printer will print the photo straight from Instagram. It’s crowd-sourced memories. It’s as easy as snap > tag > print!

Port Stephens Photographer

Photography in Port Stephens has some unique challenges and you’ll want to make sure your photographer is up to it. There is so much light bouncing around from the trees, buildings and water that only the most experienced and talented make the Newybooth cut.

Take us to the bay! Newybooth is ready in Port Stephens.

Why would you want to hold your event anywhere else when this water wonderland is right on your doorstep. The scenery is going to do it’s job, but when the suns goes down and your weird friend Sarah’s dance moves start to appear, what is your event going to do to keep the smiles on your guest’s dials?

A photo booth or #hashtag printer is a great way to keep guests mingling, smiles beaming and memories creating at your next Port Stephens event. From weddings to corporate events and everything in between, Newybooth is always happy to make the trek up Nelson Bay Road for our Port Stephens based clients. 

Photography for your Port Stephens wedding or event is not something you’d want to leave to anyone. You need an experienced photographer who can work with all the light sources and reflections that plague amateurs at Port Stephens. Our talented photographers are experienced with making the light work with them, not against, so with Newybooth photographers, your memories will be captured perfectly every time.  

Let's do it!

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