Because showing and telling are two completely different things, it always pays to have a photographer present at your event. To help you capture the special moments without busting the bank, we've teamed up with local photographers to offer Newybooth users a special rate on premium event photography.

Professional photography...

Our photographers are professional and highly skilled. They know the best angles and can capture the emotion of an event as well as the regular happenings.

without the price

Professional event photographers normally cost a bomb. Good news for Newybooth users! If you book a photographer to go along with your Newybooth photo booth, you'll get even further discounted rates!

All Event Photography

It doesn't really matter what event you want photographed, we can probably do it. Weddings? Check! Parties? Double Check? Corporate do's? Check, check, check!

Quicker Photos

Your event rocked, but all those poor suckers who weren't there won't know until your photos arrive. Don't leave them hanging. Our event photos arrive within 7 days. Boom!

Capture every moment

At Newybooth, we’ve got a photographer for every event. For sports events, school formals, weddings, product launches, promotions, festivals, fundraisers and more, choose Newybooth.

We travel

Our photographers love a road trip so as long as your event is within coo-ee of Newcastle, we’ll be happy to be there. We service areas like Cessnock, the Hunter Valley, Port Stephens, Tamworth and the Central Coast. Planning a Hunter Valley wedding or looking for an event photographer in Tamworth? We’re your team!

How much to hire a Newybooth event photographer

$ 150 per hour
With a Newybooth package
$ 100 per hour
Best Value

How much to hire a Newybooth wedding photographer

$ 300 per hour
With a Newybooth package
$ 250 per hour
Best Value

Popular Extras

Add a small (4") polaroid

$ 2

Add a large (6") polaroid

$ 5

The bang for your buck

You’ve heard about our pricing, our experience, our willingness to travel and you still need more reasons to choose Newybooth? We’ve got 3 more reasons why we think we’re the perfect photographers for you.

7 Day Turnaround

7 Day Turnaround

Who likes waiting for their event photographs? Anyone? Nope, no one. So we won't make you wait. 7 days is all it takes to get your awesome Newybooth photos. Fully and professionally edited. (Wedding turnaround varies.)

Digital Copies-2

Digital Copies

We'll give you access to all of your digital prints so you can choose what to print and what to share. The power is in your hands with Newybooth event photography.

Quality Photos-2

Quality Photos

We don't settle for second rate and you shouldn't either. Our photographers know what they're doing. Want proof? Fill in the form below and we'll send you examples of our work.

Let's do it!

Ready to take this to the next level? Fill in the form and we'll be in touch to chat.