#Hashtag Printers

Snap > Tag > Print!

Instagram photos, instantly!

The #Hashtag Printer (also known as a Social Media Printer) is constantly looking for new images with your hashtag. Just make sure everyone’s accounts are set to Public!! As soon as someone loads an image to Instagram with your hashtag, our printer will print it. It's social media photos made real.

It's stupid simple!

Set account to Public > Take a photo > load it to Instagram > tag your hashtag > print! Even Grandpa Ted could do it! There's nothing else to do. The process is automated, so you don't need to worry about it.

custom prints

Plain prints are so 2018, this years print is yours to customise. We'll frame your prints using a custom layout designed by us specifically for your event.

More than just weddings!

Yes, the #hashtag printer is great for weddings but that's not all they're good for. Spice up any corporate event or party with our hashtag printer.

Turn everyone into your photographer!

With our #Hashtag Printer, every one of your guests becomes your photographer. Crowd source your photos from your guests as they load their happy snaps to Instagram. It’s fun, it’s a talking point and we’ve got one of the only #Hashtag Printers in NSW. Go us!

How much to hire a #hashtag printer?

2 hours
$ 400
3 hours
$ 500
4 hours
$ 600
5 hours
$ 700

Popular Extras

Add an hour

$ 100

Add the Photo Booth

$ 150 per hour

Add a Photographer

$ 100 per hour

Need more convincing?

Besides the fact that our #Hashtag Printer is legendary, we’ll give you plenty of reasons to choose Newybooth Instagram printers for your next event.


A trained expert will set up and take down the Photo Booth and/or Hashtag Printer. They are also around to ensure guests are maximizing your hire.


Choose from our collection of premium backdrops. Made from vinyl to ensure a crisp and clear image. Or even ask for a custom drop/Flower Wall.

Custom Designs

We personalise your prints to include your custom logo and/or text. We design the layout to suit your event theme. From wedding to formal.

Unlimited Prints

Get unlimited prints for the duration of your hire. This means don't fear about using up all the paper before your time runs out.



Get the party started with box's full of awesome props. Keep your guests entertained whilst they pose with crazy wigs, glasses, ears, and the popular mo's and lips on a stick!



Peace of mind with Public Liability & Property Insurance. You will never have to worry about guests hurting themselves or our equipment.

Quality Photos-2

Quality Photos

We take pride in amazing quality photos, even when your guests are the ones with the cameras. Our advanced software will auto edit common mistakes before printing!

Digital Copies-2

Digital Photos

A fancy USB or online downloads, full of all the high-resolution images taken during your event. Print them, share them, do anything you want.

Let's do it!

Want the #Hashtag Printer at your next event. Fill in the form and we'll be in touch to chat.